United Methodist Student Movement - Trinity University

Our Registered Student Organization brings together students at Trinity for weekly fellowship and Bible study in a fun in interesting way.

Weekly Events


 2:30pm: Bible Study (Parker Chapel Parlor) - good snacks and coversation provided.

Make sure to view the calendar for upcoming events.

Trinity Student Leaders

Paola Gutierrez is a junior majoring in neuroscience and minoring in Spanish. She loves UMSM because it provides a relaxed and secure place to talk about faith and build lasting friendships with peers. When she's not with UMSM, you can find her doing community service, hanging out with friends, and playing with cats.

Rachel Daniel is a Sophomore at Trinity University majoring in Mathematical Finance and Spanish. She loves that UMSM offers a close-knit community of people who share the same goal of growing together in Christ. When she's not with UMSM or studying, you can find her exploring the world whether through books, travel or even in her own backyard.